Outside Sales Engineer

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Must be thoroughly informed and experienced with California regulations.
  • Must be fully conversant with a wide range of boiler products, including boilers, burners, controls, and other related equipment. Ideal applicant must be able to communicate boiler sizing details as well as provide application support when necessary in order to more-accurately determine proper equipment operation and selection.
  • Ideal applicant will be adept at proficient evaluation of basic boiler room systems as well as persuasive language skills to facilitate the sales of equipment applicable to a wide range of customers’ unique requirements and conditions, including load requirements, budget, boiler room square footage, boiler room configuration, and regional emissions requirements.
  • Good communication and language skills, including full knowledge of industry-specific vocabulary.
  • Computer proficiency is a must. Ideal applicant will need to be proficient in programs such as Word, Excel and CRM, and will also need to have a basic familiarity with factory equipment selection and pricing programs.
  • Valid driver’s license with an acceptable motor vehicle record.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Successful applicant will be responsible for cultivating and nurturing long-term relationships with contractors and engineers as well as accumulating an extensive group of sales prospects.
  • Sales engineer will need to be in the office 1-2 days a week to focus on various administrative tasks such as paperwork for both vendors and customers, and to attend pertinent meetings.
  • Successful applicant will need to be able to accurately quote and explain every detail of proposed work to prevent any miscommunication between the customer and our company in regards to pricing, project requirements, and proposed work schedule.
  • Sales engineer will be responsible for arranging equipment purchases with vendors.
  • Successful applicant will need to regularly check in and become familiar with the latest in boiler technology to ensure that the company is always working with the most modern techniques and information. When available, sales engineer is expected to seek out additional training to enhance knowledge in any lacking areas.