Northern California’s Most Trusted Boiler Experts for Almost 100 Years

Established in 1922, San Jose Boiler Works was founded with a group of 5 dedicated employees seeking to provide exceptional boiler service to the San Jose community. Over the past 9+ decades, the company’s successful venture has grown to 30 employees that consistently deliver high quality, reliable boiler sales and service to businesses throughout Northern California. San Jose Boiler Works has earned its excellent reputation through a personal and hands-on approach with customers, developing deep and lasting relationships that breed trust and respect. Loyalty is key, and the company’s dedication to this concept can be demonstrated by the considerable number of repeat customers that have accumulated over the decades.

 A third-generation family-owned company, San Jose Boiler Works is currently run by Ryan Connelly and Steve Ocampo. In addition to Steve and Ryan, the company’s professional staff has thorough and extensive knowledge of the current codes, emission standards and technical aspects of all boiler systems and their associated components. Through the years, San Jose Boiler Works has effectively assisted numerous engineers, contractors and building owners with boiler equipment selection, design, installation planning, layout, service and start up.

Full Steam Ahead
Regarding industrial advances, few developments are as iconic as the steam locomotive, the most substantial innovation in power and transportation achievement of its time. Its image evokes the veritable strength of the boiler within it as well as the age of triumph in engineering. San Jose Boiler Works ties it’s branding to the locomotive accordingly, as the company’s rich history stems back to the time of the great locomotive, and it remains a trailblazer in the boiler industry even today.

Over the years, customers have come to rely on San Jose Boiler Works largely in part to the company’s all-encompassing offerings that include boiler sales of both new and used equipment, repairs, engineering, maintenance, training, rentals, and parts. San Jose Boiler Works employees are experts in the industry with a depth of experience providing the latest and greatest techniques and technology to a vast array of industries and boiler applications. The company practices a progressive attitude, regularly educating employees and customers on new technologies while seeking ways to reliably improve overall boiler operations from both an efficiency and cost standpoint.

Being situated in California, it is vital for businesses to be aware of the many environmental ramifications of boiler operation impact. San Jose Boiler Works has made it a priority to research all of the current and upcoming emissions requirements for the relevant geographic regions so customers can take a proactive approach in regards to their boiler compliance rather than be caught unaware. Moreover, San Jose Boiler Works has the expertise to provide the technology, products, communication devices and various configurations necessary to achieve compliance with those regulations.

On the Horizon
Over the last century, boiler technologies and applications have changed considerably. The professionals at San Jose Boiler Works know what it takes to survive and grow in an industry where the landscape is constantly shifting. Whatever further developments are in store for the boiler industry, San Jose Boiler Works will work diligently as they have for almost a century to make sure their customers always have the most advanced and efficient boiler operation available.