Reduce Emissions and Boost Efficiency with the Latest in Low NOx Burners

When selecting combustion burners, it’s important to look at a number of factors to determine the burner best suited for a particular application, including regional emissions regulations and capacity and fuel requirements. San Jose Boiler Works carries versatile commercial and industrial burners designed to improve the performance of a diverse range of boiler types and configurations. Our comprehensive inventory includes a variety of innovative low NOx and ultra low NOx burners from Weishaupt.

San Jose Boiler Works is proud to offer superior products from Weishaupt, one of the largest worldwide burner and combustion equipment manufacturers. Key products from Weishaupt include versatile and reliable burner systems offering dual- fuel and Lox NOx capabilities for hot water boilers, steam boilers, air heaters, dryers, kilns, incinerators and many other combustion applications.

Weishaupt’s burners with multiflam® technology help to set the standard in emission control. Economic and efficient, the patented fuel distribution principle provides a stable flame throughout the control range, enabling boiler systems to operate safely and reliably. When employed, Weishaupt burners can reduce NOx emissions by up to 60%, helping companies stay compliant within their air regulatory region for years to come. In addition, Weishaupt burners are highly versatile, available in oil, gas, or duel fuel and ranging from 3,000,000 – 58,000,000 BTU.

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