Boiler Service

Increase Boiler Efficiency with Expert Boiler Service

burner retrofitWhether your boiler system is running sluggish, damaged, or experiencing downtime, contracting an experienced boiler service company is paramount to protecting your investment.

Through the years, San Jose Boiler Works has had experience with numerous different types of boilers of various fuel, size, and power. Our diverse knowledge of numerous boiler types and product lines enables us to provide customers with the most comprehensive and efficient service possible.

Expert Repairs on Existing Equipment
In addition to all of the major brands and types of boilers, San Jose Boiler Works is educated on all types of boiler system equipment, including heat exchangers, stacks, low NOx and ultra low NOx burners, manual and digital control systems, feedwater tanks, economizers, pumps, blowdown tanks, and blowdown separators, ensuring that we can capably repair any boiler system.

For a more detailed account of the types of repair services we offer, visit our Repairs page.

Regular Maintenance to Extend Equipment Lifespan
Proper maintenance of your boiler system results in decreased chance of downtime, higher efficiency, as well as increased lifespan for your boiler equipment. San Jose Boiler Works has a multitude of maintenance plans and services guaranteed to fit your budget and situation.

For a more detailed account of the types of maintenance services we offer, visit our Maintenance page.

Burner Retrofit and Upgrades to Enhance System Efficiency
To comply with increased emissions regulations and to ensure that boiler systems are running as efficiently as possible, it is often necessary to implement a burner retrofit or other boiler system upgrades. San Jose Boiler Works has the skill to design and implement any burner retrofit necessary in a timely and proactive manner, helping you to reduce operating costs and stay ahead of any emissions rule changes.

Design the Perfect Boiler System for Your Particular Requirements
If simple burner retrofit or upgrades are not a viable option and your aging boiler system is ready for replacement, San Jose Boiler Works can help design and install the perfect system for your facility’s specific requirements. In addition to design and installation, we are also manufacturer’s representatives for a wide range of boiler products enabling you to buy products directly from us, creating a single point of contact for your entire boiler system project.

Contractor Services
San Jose Boiler Works is eager to partner with reliable contractors to help them provide their customers with trusted boiler expertise for a wide variety of projects. San Jose Boiler Works has extensive experience helping contractors select the equipment that’s right for their customers – from both and budget and application perspective.

For a more detailed account of the types of maintenance services we offer, visit our Contractor Services page.

For more information about boiler service and burner retrofit, contact us or call us at (408) 295-5235.