Advanced Control Solutions to Support an Evolving Industry

ControlsMaintaining precise temperatures, air flow, and other specific components within the confines of a boiler system are essential to ensuring that customers are getting the most out of their boiler investment – from both a cost and efficiency standpoint. San Jose Boiler Works carries a multitude of flame safeguard, parallel positioning, and other combustion controls from the leading industry boiler/burner control manufacturers, including Siemens, Honeywell, and Fireye. All of our innovative control offerings are developed to ensure that boiler systems are operating in the most ideal setting possible, helping customers boost efficiency, prolong equipment life, and sustain safe operations.

Siemens Combustion Controls develops comprehensive industrial control technology for commercial and industrial combustion applications. Key products and services include IEC/NEMA control solutions, motor control centers, parallel positioning systems, and O2 trim.

In particular, Siemens’ LMV5 and LMV3 burner management systems deliver world-class support and performance. Not only are the systems easy to install but they are also highly configurable, allowing for uncomplicated programming and operation. Whether dealing with single or dual fuel burners, Siemens combustion controls provide improved burner performance and efficiency while ensuring safe operations – all within a fully integrated system. Depending on the specific requirement, optional O2 trim and/or VFD controls are also available within select models.

Honeywell’s innovative control technologies create solutions to improve the performance, efficiency and safety of commercial and industrial boiler operations. With a focus on automation, Honeywell’s smart technology allows for precise monitoring and adjustments, improving boiler system functionality while freeing up more time for technicians to focus on other tasks. In addition to a variety of combustion controls, Honeywell also manufactures advanced flame safeguard controls to improve overall safety of boiler operations.

For more than 70 years, flame safeguard and combustion control systems from Fireye provide safe and reliable products that integrate with a wide variety of commercial and industrial boiler systems. With an emphasis on quality, Fireye products are designed to accurately monitor and regulate multiple sensitive processes and operations critical to achieving optimal fuel efficiency, limiting manual oversight, and ensuring burner safety.

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