High Caliber Tanks for a Wide Variety of Boiler Room Applications

steam boilers, Boiler TankWhether your boiler operation requires a tank for hot water storage, thermal expansion, air separation or distribution, it is important to select high quality hot water storage tanks to ensure a safe and efficient boiler system. San Jose Boiler Works stocks a rich assortment of hot water storage tanks spanning a full range of capacity and application requirements from the industry’s leading boiler tank manufacturers, including South Gate Engineering, Parker Boiler, and RBI. All hot water storage tanks in inventory are ASME certified, and most models can be further customized to fit the exact specifications of any boiler system – ensuring a safe, flexible product.

South Gate Engineering
South Gate Engineering specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing pressure vessels, tanks, structural components and piping including ASME and API storage tanks, water treatment vessels, conversion and treatment tanks, hot water storage tanks, hot water and steam generators, deaerators, and stainless steel process vessels.

San Jose Boiler Works carries a number of South Gate Engineering hot water storage tanks for commercial buildings, schools, hotels, and industrial processes manufactured for 125 and 150 psi. South Gate storage tanks are easy to install, and can be custom fabricated to accommodate all types of projects with most water heaters, hot water and steam boilers, or other water-heating devices.

Parker Boiler
In addition to innovative steam boilers, condensing boilers, and hot water boilers, San Jose Boiler Works also carries a number of high quality ASME hot water storage tanks for storage, expansion, and air separation from Parker Boiler. Available in sizes from 4.6 – 2,950 gallon capacities, Parker ASME hot water storage tanks can accommodate all types of volume water heating applications. Depending on boiler requirements, tanks can also be purchased as either glass lined or stainless steel.

Rounding out San Jose Boiler Works’ extensive hot water tank inventory are storage tanks from RBI, one of the leading boiler and boiler products manufacturers. Lined with Ultonium®, an ultra-durable, wear-resistant lining, RBI’s storage tanks offer superior performance proven to endure the test of time. The tanks are available in sizes ranging from 200 – 1,000 gallon capacities, and can be further customized to accommodate larger gallon capacities depending on boiler operation requirements. In addition, all RBI hot water storage tanks are ASME certified and available in both jacket/insulated and bare configurations for complete application flexibility.

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