Communications Systems

Proactively Monitor Your Boiler Systems to Ensure Optimal Performance

BoilerViewExtra support is paramount – especially when dealing with the complex workings of a boiler system. Sometimes, problems occur at the least opportune times, and often operators are not even aware of critical boiler system failures until they are already adversely affecting operations. When things go wrong, time is of the essence – it can be the difference between a costly major issue and a minor glitch with no perceptible interruption of service.

BoilerView Communications Systems

We can’t feasibly babysit our boiler systems 24/7, but there are solutions to getting all of the information needed to keep boiler operations running smoothly – even during off hours and while boiler operators are off-site. BoilerView communications products from San Jose Boiler Works revolutionize the way operators can receive and view their boiler system data. With built-in remote access capabilities, BoilerView alerts operators to potential problems before they can become major issues by sending alerts to pre-selected cellular phone numbers and/or email addresses. With BoilerView, operators can rest easy knowing that their boiler operations are constantly being monitored, and that should problems arise, they will have the notice they need to address the issue. Depending on customer requirements, BoilerView products are available with a few different feature options and price ranges to accommodate a variety of budgets and system configurations.

BoilerView Alarm is the most basic communication system available in the BoilerView family of products. It is cellular-based, requiring the purchase of a one-year cellular plan, and is able to proficiently monitor two boilers or alarm points. When a problem or power outage is detected, BoilerView Alarm will send out texts to up to 3 phone numbers about the nature of the alarm. Once the issue has been resolved, the system will text the all-clear notice to inform off-site operators or owners of the new status. BoilerView Alarm can be mounted indoors or outdoors depending on requirement, and there are options for a remote antenna to improve signal should the customer boiler room be located in a basement.

Much like BoilerView Alarm, BoilerView Lite is also cellular-based, but the Lite version has extra monitoring capabilities viewable through a web-based dashboard for additional data monitoring and convenience. Alarms are sent via both texts and emails, and the system is able to monitor up to four boilers or alarm points. Boiler operators are also able to view inputs, pressure, temperature, alarms, and other data through a webpage established by the system. Operators also have the added convenience of being able to schedule startups and shutdowns through the site, allowing for greater flexibility. The data can be accessed from anywhere, and up to six months of data is stored within the system so operators can view and compare past boiler system performance.

BoilerView ModBus contains all of the advanced monitoring features of BoilerView Lite with the added bonus of a ModBus connection to the boilers or other equipment. The ModBus works with a wide variety of commercial and industrial boiler control systems, including Sola, Siemens LMV, Siemens RWF, and Honeywell S7800 controls, ensuring comprehensive coverage. This allows for extra data to be retrieved from the system and displayed online, enabling operators to more thoroughly monitor their system. To allow for more comprehensive data tracking, the BoilerView ModBus is designed to accommodate a full twelve months of data storage.

Wrapping up the BoilerView product offerings are the BoilerView Lead Lag and BoilerView Gateway. The BoilerView Lead Lag consists of an 8.5″ touchscreen full lead-lag remote control. With BoilerView Lead Lag, the control system is tightly monitored and controlled, and boiler settings can be set and modified to adjust to varying load requirements. The BoilerView Gateway allows for direct integration to Building Automation Systems (BAS) or other monitoring devices. This system can be used to augment the practical usage of the BoilerView ModBus and more fully capture more specific types of data.

The days of boiler operators being chained to their boiler rooms are over. With these exciting communication products from San Jose Boiler Works, customers can breathe a little easier knowing that their valuable boiler systems are constantly being monitored for optimal performance.

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