Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Anderson Valley Brewing Company is a pioneer in the craft brewing industry. Rapid growth and a passion for sustainable brewing practices led the company to replace their aging and inefficient Scotch Marine fire tube boilers. San Jose Boiler Works installed three new high pressure ultra low NOx steam boilers manufactured by Parker Boiler along with a new boiler feed and blowdown system. Additional system components included Siemens LMV-36 parallel positioning control system, which offers independent fuel to air ratios for precise combustion efficiency.

Complete system monitoring is provided by the BoilerView Communications System which features a Lead Lag touchscreen panel that enables tight control of all boiler settings. The system can be programmed to adjust to varying load requirements, allows remote monitoring via a dashboard interface and provides alarm notifications via text or email messages in the event of any system failures. As a result of implementing the new system, Anderson Valley Brewing Company is able to meet all local emissions requirements plus save one month’s fuel bill each year on the reduced costs from startup.