NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

NGM Biopharmaceuticals is a research-driven, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that has generated a promising pipeline of therapeutics addressing cardio-metabolic and liver diseases. As part of a facilities modernization effort, NGM Biopharmaceuticals replaced their existing boiler system with a prepackaged skid designed by San Jose Boiler Works.

San Jose Boiler Works designed a custom prepackaged skid system that includes nine Parker 9.5 HP “California Special” high pressure steam boilers, boiler feed and blow down systems, water softener and chemical treatment supply tanks and pumps. Complete system monitoring is provided by the BoilerView Communications System which features a Lead Lag touchscreen panel with BACnet communications that enables tight control of all boiler settings. The system can be programmed to adjust to varying load requirements, allows remote monitoring via a dashboard interface and provides alarm notifications via text or email messages in the event of any system failures.

Due to the size and complexity of the system, the skid was built and designed so that it could be lifted to the rooftop in three sections. It was then bolted together and attached from a single point connection to the steam, condensate, natural gas, electrical, water and drainage systems. With a prepackaged skid system, NGM Biopharmaceuticals was able to benefit from a faster overall project timeline and save over $70,000 in labor costs on the project when compared to the expenditures associated with a comparable field installed solution.