Contractor Services

Get Extra Support with San Jose Boiler Works

Boiler DesignOver the years, boiler equipment has evolved and become extremely specialized, requiring special attention and expertise. While San Jose Boiler Works operates as a complete boiler solution provider, we are also eager to partner with reliable contractors to help them provide their customers with trusted boiler expertise for a wide variety of projects.

Equipment Selection and Sales
With the sheer number and varied types of boiler equipment on the market, it can be difficult to determine which equipment is the best fit for a particular project. San Jose Boiler Works has extensive experience helping contractors select the equipment that’s right for their customers – from both and budget and application perspective. Moreover, as a factory-trained representative for many of the leading boiler equipment manufacturers, San Jose Boiler Works can directly provide your customers with the latest in boiler room technology from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Boiler Room Design and Installation
One of San Jose Boiler Works’ key strengths is an ability to conceptualize the most effective boiler room arrangement with respect to budget, load capacity requirements and local emissions regulations. We can help contractors develop a boiler room schematic that will accommodate the varied requirements of any given project. In addition, should a contractor require boiler installation services, we have extensive experience with the installation of all types of boiler equipment.

Auxiliary Support
For projects that require boiler shut-down, San Jose Boiler Works can help provide contractors with rental boilers, enabling customers to have working operations during any replacements or maintenance.

After-Project Boiler Maintenance
Boiler maintenance is key to keeping operations running smoothly. San Jose Boiler Works can keep your customers up and running by offering preventative maintenance services and combustion calibration on a regular basis. Our maintenance plans include monthly, quarterly, or annual alternatives to suit every customer’s unique boiler system requirements.

The more you learn, the better. San Jose Boiler Works can train your firm’s employees or customers’ employees on boiler-specific equipment, procedures and maintenance.

Our network of contractors and relationships give us strengths, connections, coverage and unlimited resources to tackle any type of project. Whether your customer requires equipment sales only or you need a more complete set of boiler services, San Jose Boiler Works is there to help you give your customers the service they deserve.

For more information about our contractor services, contact us or call us at (408) 295-5235.