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Neutralizing Condensate in Condensing Boilers and Hot Water Heaters

With the growth of high efficiency condensing boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters, the installation of a condensate neutralizer is now a mandatory requirement. What is Condensate? High efficiency condensing boilers and hot water heaters extract additional BTUs form the water vapor in the flue gas. When the gas drops below 130°F, it starts to condense and produces an acidic liquid which has the potential to cause damage to your piping, drains and other system components. When your boiler or hot water heater is operating in full condensing mode, approximately one gallon of condensate gets created for every 100,000 BTUs …

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Annual Tune-ups are Necessary and Save You Money

Boiler Tune-ups save money

Just like your car runs best with scheduled maintenance, your boiler can significantly benefit from a boiler service tune-up. In addition, annual testing is required to maintain compliance with local air board regulations. To keep your boiler systems in top shape and remain in compliance with all applicable regulations, call upon the experts at San Jose Boiler Works. Cost Saving Benefits San Jose Boiler Works has the experience needed to thoroughly inspect and tune-up your boilers so that they run more efficiently allowing you to save on energy costs, extend the life of your systems and prevent expensive repairs before …

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Six Ways to Improve Boiler Room Efficiency

Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Boiler operation costs and overall efficiency are major concerns in our current business climate. While there are many solutions on the market that claim to help improve efficiency, determining the most advantageous products and techniques to employ on your particular system can be daunting. To help give customers the information they need to take the next step, San Jose Boiler Works has compiled a list of six tried and true methods to achieve greater efficiency. 1. Preventative maintenance – Keeping your boiler system periodically maintained is key to ensuring that performance is as efficient as possible. Steady maintenance will catch …

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Featured Product: Temp-a-Trim


Air density is constantly changing – even the temperature differences between night and day can significantly affect boiler system performance. When air temperature is not maintained at an ideal level for combustion, the boiler system cannot operate at optimal efficiency, and combustion stability can degrade. With the relatively high cost of boiler system replacement, it’s important to safeguard your existing investment with tools and technologies that will not only help your system run as efficiently as possible, but also help save in operating costs. Temp-a-Trim from Webster Combustion is an enhanced auto air density trim system that can help customers …

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