Advanced Pumping Technology for More Reliable and Efficient Boiler Processes

Pumps are pivotal to efficient transfer of fluids in boiler systems, and selecting the best pump for a particular process is crucial to boiler operation efficiency. San Jose Boiler Works carries a full inventory of centrifugal, boiler feedwater, and other multi-stage pumps from the industry’s leading brands, including Armstrong Fluid Technology and Burks. Regardless of boiler operation size or arrangement, San Jose Boiler Works has the inventory and in-depth expertise to help determine the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective pump solution for every application.

Armstrong Fluid Technology Design_Envelope_4300_Front-Neew
Armstrong Fluid Technology provides energy efficient and cost effective fluid management and pumping solutions for heating and cooling systems. Armstrong solutions improve energy efficiency and reduce pumping costs through variable speed, demand-based operation — consuming only the energy required, based on current system demand.

San Jose Boiler Works offers a number of Armstrong solutions, including the Design Envelope 4300 series pumps which enable customers to benefit from superior energy performance and reduced installation costs.

  • Vertical in-line design eliminates the need for inertia bases, housekeeping pads, and flex connectors to reduce piping requirements
  • Integrated intelligent controls eliminate separate mounting of variable frequency drive (VFD) as well as procurement, installation (incl. wiring), calibration and upkeep of differential pressure sensor
  • Vertical motor positioning requires up to 60% less floor space compared to other pump configurations

The Burks brand is behind several high-quality pumps and pump systems designed to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, including condensate return systems, end suction pumps, regenerative turbine pumps, vertical inline pumps, and vertical multistage pumps.

San Jose Boiler Works carries a number of Burks pump solutions, including the Burks BPV Series, stainless steel vertical multistage pumps that effectively address the requirements of a variety of applications, such as boiler feed, water treatment, irrigation, marine applications, chemical industry, processing industry, and food processing industry. The BPV series meets the needs of most HVAC, OEM and industrial applications, and can be further customized with optional features, including:

  • High-thrust bearing housing for mounting standard motors
  • ANSI connections
  • NEMA motor connections
  • Terminal box position

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