Boiler Rentals

Fast, Reliable Boiler Rentals to Support Your Operations

boiler rentalsCustomers have come to rely on San Jose Boiler Work’s ability to deliver what it promises in a prompt and professional manner. Whether you need boiler rentals for a few days, months, or more, we can provide you with a boiler rental system for immediate delivery, hook-up, and operation to address your specific needs.

Our rental fleet consists of a wide range of commercial hot water and/or steam outdoor boiler rentals that are skid mounted and pre-piped for a single-point connection, making for a fast and easy install when you need it the most. In addition, our extensive rental fleet includes inputs that range from 300,000 Btu input to 10 million Btu input so that you can be sure that regardless of building size or needed pressure, your requirements will be accommodated. To ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in the field, all of our equipment is meticulously maintained and capable of meeting California’s most stringent emission regulations.

Boiler rentals from San Jose Boiler Works include:

  • High-pressure steam boilers
  • Low-pressure steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Indirect fired hot water boilers (for pools, stainless steel heat exchangers are available for distilled and reverse osmosis systems, heat pump systems, domestic water and dual-purpose applications)
  • Domestic water-heating boilers
  • Condensate transfer systems
  • Expansion tanks
  • Steam hose
  • Stainless-steel corrugated and braided flexible hose for fast hook-ups
  • Natural gas hose for fast hook-ups

Reasons to Rent
The key reasons to rent versus buy:

  • Emergencies
    When your boiler is malfunctioning and you need immediate assistance to keep your operations running, rental boilers are in stock and can be hooked up to accommodate a variety of load requirements.
  • High Temporary Workloads
    To accommodate periods of time where workloads are high, oftentimes there is no need to purchase additional boiler units. Renting a supplementary unit can help you get through periods of high demand.
  • Boiler System Repairs or Maintenance
    Properly serviced and maintained boilers are key to a safe, efficient operation. Renting a boiler for a short time will give you the time to address your existing boiler needs while providing the workload capacities you need to keep processes up and running.
  • Economic
    Oftentimes, it’s difficult to shoulder the costs of purchasing new boiler equipment. Give yourself greater flexibility and rent for any period of time.

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