Timely Maintenance Ensures Smooth Operation

Boiler maintenance is key to prolonging equipment life, achieving higher efficiency, and avoiding system failures. San Jose Boiler Works provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services, including annual preventive maintenance to ensure that your boiler equipment stays up and running, problem-free, all year round.

24/7 Phone Support for Current Customers
If you are experiencing an emergency and you need help fast, our factory-trained technicians are on call 24/7 to help existing customers with boiler issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late – whether it’s the middle of the night or a holiday, pick up the phone and we will return your call within the hour.

When on-site service is needed, San Jose Boiler Works dispatches a qualified factory-trained service technician to perform system troubleshooting, make repairs and replace parts. We are experts in boiler and control system installations and we handle the removal of any old equipment from your premises. As a convenience, San Jose Boiler Works is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for customers that wish to bring in parts for repair.

Consult with the Experts
San Jose Boiler Works is committed to providing knowledgeable consultative advice to its customers to ensure that all requirements are met, from selection to start-up. We will assist you with system evaluation, installation planning and will help you create a boiler room design and layout that meets your precise specifications.

Our sales engineers will visit your site and assist you by identifying any potential issues that may occur in the future involving your current equipment. In addition, our professional staff will be able to offer expertise on areas of potential cost savings, including rebates from local gas and power companies. We also work closely with building owners as well as your team of engineers and contractors so all involved parties are apprised of all aspects of the job.

Our services include:

fire-icon-34Emission compliance
Let us help you make sure that your boiler system is running within the guidelines for your local emissions
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fire-icon-3424-hour service
For our existing customers, San Jose Boiler Works is proud to offer 24/7 service in the advent of an
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fire-icon-34Boiler service
San Jose Boiler Works has the experience to capably service any boiler system of all
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fire-icon-34Control systems
Our highly trained technicians provide tuning, troubleshooting, calibration, testing, and upgrade services for a variety of control systems to improve your boiler system efficiency.
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We are the experts in professional installation of boilers, hot water heaters, economizers, burners, control systems, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, hydronic equipment, stack and chimney systems, and other boiler-related equipment. Learn more >>

We provide monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance plans to suit every customer’s unique boiler system requirements.
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Our expert staff is well-versed in all manner of boiler system repairs, including commercial and industrial power boilers, control systems, burners, and other ancillary boiler-related equipment.
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fire-icon-34Contractor Services
San Jose Boiler Works is eager to partner with reliable contractors to help them provide their customers with trusted boiler expertise for a wide variety of projects.
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For more information about our services, contact us or call us at (408) 295-5235.