24 Hour Service

Round the Clock Support When You Need it Most

24 Hour Boiler ServiceNothing is worse than an after-hours emergency, especially if your business is reliant on a working boiler system for commercial operations. Downtime can be critical to your business processes and when there is no expert consulting available to you in the time of an emergency, productivity and profitability is compromised.

San Jose Boiler Works understands how important boiler operations are to keeping your business running. That’s why we make it a priority to offer 24-hour emergency phone support to our current service customers so they can experience the most minimal downtime possible.

Whether it’s the middle of the night, a weekend, or holiday, San Jose Boiler Works is there to help you through your emergency. If the emergency is not resolved over the phone, we will make it a priority to send a technician out to your site directly on the next business day.

What Classifies Me As a Current Customer?
Prior to your emergency, you must have been a service customer sometime in the past 5 years. A current maintenance contract is not necessary to qualify as a current customer.

For more information about our 24-hour service, contact us or call us at (408) 295-5235.