Control Systems

Professional Boiler Control System Service

Boiler Control SystemsAdvancements in control systems have exploded over the last decade, as we move away from manual control types to adopt digital, fully-metered systems that monitor and adjust everything from temperature to fuel consumption. San Jose Boiler Works has experience with all of the major brands of combustion control systems used in boiler systems today, from the non-automatic, simple control unit to cutting-edge, multi-functional advanced boiler control systems. We can help you get your system back to optimal performance or design a new system incorporating state-of-the-art boiler control technology.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance
When control systems aren’t functioning properly, it can often contribute to numerous issues, including poor boiler performance, higher emissions, increased operation costs, and limited reliability. Our highly trained technicians provide tuning, troubleshooting, calibration, testing, and upgrade services for a variety of control systems to improve boiler system efficiency. Whether it is a manual or digital control system, we have the skills to diagnose and resolve any issues or malfunctions affecting control system performance, allowing customers to more quickly return to core business matters.

Ready for an Upgrade? Let’s Get Digital
As digital combustion control systems become the standard in modern boiler systems, it is increasingly difficult to find the parts to repair old manual control systems. Implementing a digital control system not only ensures that all required parts are readily available when needed, but it also improves overall boiler efficiency and performance through frequent, precise adjustments to fuel and air supply systems. In addition, modern combustion control systems are equipped with advanced reporting, recording and data logging capabilities, oftentimes alerting of problems well-before traditional control systems. Digital control systems reduce the need for operator oversight and lower fuel consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs and maintenance while increasing reliability and efficiency.

San Jose Boiler Works has the expertise to help with selection, design and implementation of the digital control system that works best for your particular boiler system. We can help your technicians learn how to get the most out of your upgraded system and offer a multitude of tools and tips to keep your controls working at optimal capacity.

For our current customers, we also offer the option to test flame safeguard controls at our parts counter. Now customers can user the flame safeguard simulators to determine the best product for their particular operation.

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