Deaerator & Boiler Feed Systems

Run Rust-Free with the Most Modern Deaerators and Boiler Feed Systems

deaeratorTo keep boilers from accumulating harmful rust and acid in the feedwater systems, customers need superior deaerators and/or boiler feed systems that are specifically designed to remove oxygen and other gases from the feedwater – before they have a chance to cause serious corrosion. San Jose Boiler Works carries a number of deaerators from Parker Boiler and boiler feed systems from Fabtek Aero that help keep your systems running at optimal efficiency.

Parker Boiler Tray and Spray Feedwater Deaerators
Parker Boiler deaerators are proficient at eliminating potentially destructive gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide from feedwater systems, ensuring smooth efficiency while increasing the lifespan of your equipment. Available in capacities ranging from 3,500 to 90,000 lbs/hr, Parker Boiler deaerators consist of fewer moving parts, making them much simpler and easier to operate than other deaerators on the market. In addition, the modern design allows for many unique benefits and features, including DP level control, modulating water, steam control, SS internals, carbon dioxide removal to virtually zero, and oxygen removal to .005 cc/1 (7 ppb).

Fabtek Aero Boiler Feed Systems
Fabtek solutions enable the efficient collection and return of steam condensate to boiler systems and include stainless steel condensate transfer systems, stainless steel boiler feed units, stainless steel underground condensate transfer units, control panels, and custom skid mounted pre-piped systems. To accommodate the many variations of boiler room sizes and dimensions, Fabtek feed system models are available in either a horizontal or vertical design, and for further flexibility, both variations can be floor mounted or elevated. All stainless steel tanks are warrantied for 20 years against failure due to corrosion, and the carbon steel tanks are coated with industrial grade rust resistant paint.

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