Featured Product: Temp-a-Trim


Temp A Trim LogoAir density is constantly changing – even the temperature differences between night and day can significantly affect boiler system performance. When air temperature is not maintained at an ideal level for combustion, the boiler system cannot operate at optimal efficiency, and combustion stability can degrade. With the relatively high cost of boiler system replacement, it’s important to safeguard your Temp-a-Trimexisting investment with tools and technologies that will not only help your system run as efficiently as possible, but also help save in operating costs.

Temp-a-Trim from Webster Combustion is an enhanced auto air density trim system that can help customers do just that. With Temp-a-Trim, the fuel to air ratio is constantly monitored by a variable frequency drive (VFD) that will detect anomalies and automatically modify the fan speed, ensuring the environment is always at the ideal level for combustion. In addition, Temp-a-Trim can be easily installed on any brand, model, and size of commercial and industrial burners, and it is fully compatible with both linkage and linkageless control systems, making it one of the most flexible products on the market.

With Temp-a-Trim, the benefits are numerous. Customers can expect significant energy savings of up to 30%, while fuel savings can be decreased by up to 3%. With such a sharp reduction in energy usage, customers will also become eligible for energy rebates, further reducing operation costs. And by minimizing the need for seasonal burner tune-ups, Temp-a-Trim also allows customers to spend more time up and running while minimizing the labor hours normally spent on burner maintenance.

If you’re ready to save on fuel and energy costs while increasing the overall efficiency of your boiler system, it’s time to take action. Contact San Jose Boiler Works today and discover more about how this innovative product can work for you!

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