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Six Ways to Improve Boiler Room Efficiency

Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Boiler Repair and InstallationBoiler operation costs and overall efficiency are major concerns in our current business climate. While there are many solutions on the market that claim to help improve efficiency, determining the most advantageous products and techniques to employ on your particular system can be daunting. To help give customers the information they need to take the next step, San Jose Boiler Works has compiled a list of six tried and true methods to achieve greater efficiency.

1. Preventative maintenance – Keeping your boiler system periodically maintained is key to ensuring that performance is as efficient as possible. Steady maintenance will catch potential issues and resolve them before interrupting service, and regular blowdown procedures will help rid your system of any particles or sludge that would slow down your system.

2. Economizers – Implementing economizers to a boiler system drastically reduces steam waste and repurposes it to preheating the boiler feedwater, increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.

3. Lead lag system – Lead lag systems determine how many boilers to bring into operations depending on the momentary load requirements. Only using boilers that are necessary to production reduces overall wear and tear while increasing efficiency.

4. VFDs – Variable frequency drives, or VFDs, detect when loads are lower and reduce and accelerate the speed of the motor accordingly, helping to only use the energy actually necessary for production. Like the lead lag system, only using what is necessary helps to save on fuel costs as well as making the system more efficient.

5. O2 Trim – During production, boiler systems require oxygen during the combustion process, and often the result is excess air in the combustion stream. O2 trim systems continually monitor the flue gases and regulate the air supply, helping to save on fuel costs while increasing overall efficiency.

6. Deaerators – Deaerators remove excess oxygen and other dissolved gases from the feedwater, helping to reduce rust and other potential corrosive issues. There is no need to use chemicals to clean out the boiler when using deaerators, and the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard when free of any undesirable substances, increasing overall efficiency.

It’s important to note that while all of the products and techniques discussed above can help reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency, not every one of them may be advantageous for your particular boiler system and configuration. If you are interested in learning which products will help to make your boiler system as efficient as possible, contact San Jose Boiler Works today.