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Annual Tune-ups are Necessary and Save You Money

Boiler Tune-ups save money

Boiler Tune-ups save moneyJust like your car runs best with scheduled maintenance, your boiler can significantly benefit from a boiler service tune-up. In addition, annual testing is required to maintain compliance with local air board regulations. To keep your boiler systems in top shape and remain in compliance with all applicable regulations, call upon the experts at San Jose Boiler Works.

Cost Saving Benefits
San Jose Boiler Works has the experience needed to thoroughly inspect and tune-up your boilers so that they run more efficiently allowing you to save on energy costs, extend the life of your systems and prevent expensive repairs before a sudden breakdown occurs. Efficiency is particularly important because the annual fuel cost for your boiler equipment is likely to represent a significant portion of your operating budget.

Avoid Compliance Headaches
In addition to these important cost saving benefits, Bay Area AQMD Regulation 9, Rule 7, requires that boilers, steam generators and process heating equipment undergo an annual combustion test to verify compliance with the emission limits designated for the equipment. As part of your annual tune-up, San Jose Boiler Works will perform this analysis on your behalf and provide you will all the necessary documentation so that you have it on hand should you get audited for compliance.

What’s Included
An annual tune-up consists of a full combustion test of your system including tuning your burner to adjust the fuel/air ratio with a combustion analyzer so that your system operates safely and efficiently. When you have a tune-up, there is a lot included in the service. Our service technicians arrive with a complete list of items to inspect, test, adjust, clean and possibly replace if needed. There are wide variations in boiler types and the associated required maintenance; but in general the following key items are addressed in an annual tune-up:

  • Visually inspect the flame pattern and characteristics of the flame throughout the modulation sequence to verify that it is operating safely as well as per design
  • Check pre-ignition interlocks
  • Check running interlocks
  • Check for proper draft
  • Inspect and replace filters (if applicable)
  • Lubricate all motors and linkage
  • Perform a combustion efficiency test with a calibrated combustion analyzer and provide a print out strip of the final curve tuning at every point of modulation

To schedule a boiler tune-up and annual inspection, use the Request a Quote form or call us at (408) 295-5235.